Tips on Washing Your Car


A regularly cleaned car looks great, can protect paintwork and is easier to see out of when driving. Here’s a couple of great tips for you to keep your car looking like its just been driven out of the showroom.

Road grime, dirt and oil build up on your car pretty quickly. Wash your car on a regular basis using a good quality car wash. To start with, rinse the car working down from top to bottom. Be careful not to drop your sponge or chamois on the ground as it can pick up dirt and scratch your paintwork. Wash the car in sections, once again starting at the roof and working down.

Make sure you wash off the detergent thoroughly with plenty of water.

It’s a good idea to immediately use a chamois to dry the car as this will give it a shinier finish, free of water droplets.

To get the best results, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or if the car has been parked in the sun, move it to the shade and let it cool down before getting started.

If you get any tree sap, bugs or bird droppings on your car, wash these off immediately as they contain chemicals which can eat into your paintwork.

To add the final sparkle to your car, use some good quality glass cleaner on all of the windows including the front windscreen.