Say Hello to Samuel and Adelle

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A great experience when you buy or sell a used car is what we’re all about at HelloCars – so it’s genuinely exciting to get great feedback from our customers. It reminds us that there is an appetite for buying used cars online and there is a better alternative than a traditional used car dealer.

Sometimes, people have such a great experience we think their stories are worth sharing.

Samuel and Adelle were looking to buy a used car in Sydney, but they had some challenges they had to overcome.

HelloCars and our finance partner, Stratton Finance, were able to help and give the couple not only a great deal, but a great experience.

This is what Adelle told us: “Thank you for your amazing service! You made buying a car very easy and effortless:-) The car looked exactly like the pictures and what was described on your website. Daniel and Chris were a pleasure to deal with and Alf was a true gentleman. I will definitely be recommending your business to friends and family!”

No, thank you, Adelle, we’re so glad we were able to help and that you got the result you were after.