Five simple tips that will get you the most money for your car

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We all want to get the most money we possibly can for our car when we decide to sell. The downside of owning a car is that they’re not an investment, unless of course, you own a fleet of vintage Ferraris or a star car like Kit from Knight Rider.

As a result, your car loses value each year. The highest rate of depreciation occurs when you drive your brand spanker out of the dealership. To prove this, when you pick up your new car, drive it around the block and back into the dealership and I’m pretty sure they’re not going to offer you the same money you paid for it!

There are a couple of ways you can maximise your car’s value when you come to sell it on. The first is to buy a used car because it was the car’s first owner who took the brunt of the depreciation rate.

Regardless of whether you buy a new or used car, here are five top tips on how to get the most for your car when selling it.

  1. Regular cleaning 

Wash your car inside and out once a week, or more often if you’ve driven off road. Removing road grime, mud, bird droppings and tree sap to ensure that your paintwork will stay shiny and new for as long as possible. Cleaning regularly on the inside will remove hair, dirt, sand and those stray chips that manage to find their way under the seats. If you spill your coffee or anything with dairy, clean this up as soon as possible because the smell of rancid milk in a car is really hard to remove.

  1. Regular servicing  

Follow the car service schedule in your log book and service the car when required. This will avoid any major mechanical issues that may occur.

  1. Log book records 

Each time you get your car serviced ensure the log book are completed. Buyers have preference for buying a car that’s been regularly serviced and the log book is the proof of this.

  1. Smoke-free zone 

If your car does smell of smoke or another strong odour you may need to deodorise the fabric interior and change the air filters to lessen the extent of the odour.

  1. Avoid a build-up of scratches and dents 

Don’t get complacent about minor dents – get them fixed as soon as possible. Removing scratches also reduces the likelihood of rust.

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Paul Higgins is the Director of HelloCars

This post originally appeared on Yahoo7.