Westpac recognises HelloCars as a business of tomorrow

As part of celebrations of its bicentenary, Westpac has recognised HelloCars as one if its 200 Businesses of Tomorrow.

The Business of Tomorrow scheme acknowledges up and coming businesses which have a real potential to boost the nation’s future and help the communities of tomorrow.

“Truly remarkable things happen when businesses come together; and we know that networking and collaboration are among the top drivers of success,” Westpac business bank CEO David Lindberg said.

“Bringing together 200 businesses that all have the potential to shape our nation’s future presents an opportunity for the Australian business community. We are helping the next generation of Australian businesses to thrive and succeed in a changing world.”

HelloCars founder and director Paul Higgins said the recognition validated the need for a new business model for the used cars industry.

“In a major piece of research recently released, Roy Morgan found that the automotive industry is in for a ‘decade of disruption’ – so it’s exciting for us to be ahead of the curve,” Higgins said.

The selection criteria for the Business of Tomorrow included: a track record of delivery, capability to meet tomorrow’s challenges, clarity of purpose and vision, adaptability and resilience, outstanding value to customers and contribute beyond your business – communities, industry or the economy.

“Certainly, the feedback from our customers is that having to buy from dealers is a pretty poor experience and they’re so happy to be able to speak to the HelloCars staff who do exactly what they say they will, ” HelloCars director Michael Higgins said.

“HelloCars is passionate about being open and transparent in business and in giving customers a positive and secure experience when buying and selling used cars.”