HelloCars launches $49 Valet Test Drive

HelloCars is excited to today launch another Australian-first – a $49 Valet Test Drive, making test driving a car easier than ever.

One of HelloCars’ experienced customer service specialists will come to your door in the Sydney Metro area, at a time that suits you to accompany you for a half-hour test drive – giving customers a chance to see how the car will suit their lifestyle.

“The standard 10-minute test drive you get at a dealership, or through a private sale, is too short and artificial to get much useful information about the car you’re considering buying,” HelloCars Director Paul Higgins said.

“We wanted our customers to be able to find out how the car will fit into their lifestyle – is there enough room for the baby seat? Does it fit in the garage? How does it work for the whole family?” he said.

HelloCars Director Michael Higgins said test driving a car can be a time-consuming and artificial experience – waiting at the dealership then driving around with a sales person on unfamiliar roads.

“Most people don’t realise when they buy a car they’ve had a typical test drive in, they’re subsidising all the other people who go on test drives in the price they pay for the car. We wanted people to have a transparent, obligation-free transaction with us and know that there are no hidden costs and that they’re getting real value for money with half an hour’s drive in their neighbourhood,” he said.

HelloCars takes all the hassle out of buying a used-car, is guaranteed to be cheaper than a dealer and your car will be delivered right to your door wherever you are in Australia.

The reaction to HelloCars Sydney launch last year showed there was a big gap in the market for a more transparent and better value way of buying used cars that was also a great experience for customers.

Roy Morgan recently released a major state of the nation report with a focus on the automotive industry and found that Australians are increasingly wanting to buy cars completely online – citing 2025 as a “tipping point” where most people will be transacting online.

HelloCars also recently announced its expansion and now offers delivery Australia-wide.