Beating the dealers at their own game

It’s fair to say Emily had a pretty ordinary experience when searching for a car through a dealership.

“I had been stalked by a dealer. I had to ask them to stop calling me,” said the Sydney-based professional.

“When I spoke to a dealer about a car I was interested in, they missed important information, called me at times I specifically told them I couldn’t talk and one even openly criticised one of his colleagues to me. None of that made me want to spend my money at that dealership.”

Emily had her eye on a particular model of car and came across exactly what she was looking for on the HelloCars website.

“At first, I admit I was sceptical, and my Dad, who was helping me with the research, went into investigation mode,” she said.

Emily said she and her family were intrigued, but all her questions were answered thoroughly.

“Chris got on a conference call with me and my family and he was so patient,” she said. “He welcomed all our questions and calls.”

When it came to the transaction she said the process was simple and convenient.

“HelloCars fills a market gap – it takes away the pressure and pain of car dealerships. The business itself is going to blossom and become the future of buying and selling cars in Australia.

“They’re a lovely business to deal with.”

And the car itself?

“I absolutely love it – it’s true love!”