Waterless car care with Smart Polish Pro

For many, keeping your car clean means spending hours with a bucket and hose or paying an overly high price for someone else to do it while you wait, so the thought of cleaning your car without a drop of water sounds completely foreign to many who are used to the traditional methods.

But did you know you can clean your car without using a drop of water? The popularity of waterless cleaning has grown over the years as advances in chemical engineering and formulation techniques produce much more effective products. Here at Smart Polish Pro, we are redefining tradition with a range of waterless detailing formulas developed from the ground up in UK.

Why go waterless?

On average, traditional methods use over 300 litres of water per wash, that’s a lot of water wasted not to mention the chemical filled run-off entering the stormwater network.

In an increasingly eco-friendly orientated world, switching to waterless not only saves water, but it also saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint. This is especially relevant as our cities get more dense and access to water points are limited, particularly in apartment blocks.

Smart Polish Pro Waterless Wash & Wax

At Smart Polish Pro, we have developed a very intelligent Waterless Wash & Wax formula that emulsifies and encapsulates the dirt particles, safely lifting them away from the surface while leaving behind a protective layer and bringing out an amazing shine.


What are the benefits?

Aside from personal preference, switching from traditional methods entail some obvious benefits:

  • Saves time – on average, waterless detailing is 4x quicker as you completely eliminate the need to rinse and dry the vehicle while the waxing process in incorporated.
  • Affordable – with just 1L of our formula, you can get up to 12 washes of a standard sized sedan. That’s less than $4.50 per wash!
  • Professional Results – The Waterless Wash & Wax formula contains a high percentage of natural Carnauba wax that leaves a stunning high gloss finish that will repel water for weeks.
  • Convenient – eliminating the need for water and all those tools means you can keep you car clean anywhere, anytime. Just a bottle of the formula and some microfibre cloths and you can get a quick clean in the comfort of your own garage to the main floor of a car showroom.
  • Eco-friendly – while saving water is no doubt obvious, many don’t realize the harmful effects of the chemicals in traditional car wash shampoos that enter the stormwater network. Switching to waterless completely eliminates this allowing us to play a small part in saving the planet

Is it safe to use waterless products?

As long as the right techniques are applied, waterless products are absolutely fine to use and in many cases much more effective.
One of the key things to remember when it comes to using a waterless system is applying a little common sense. For example, if the car is excessively dirty or covered in thick mud/stones, a waterless system might not be effective enough or logical and you may opt for a traditional wash instead.

See the results yourself

Naturally, any first-timer to this concept has a difficult time trying to get their minds around it. For those who overcome the hesitation, waterless cleaning has either become their only method or a crucial part of their regularly routine. The results speak for themselves and you can see this from the countless testimonials on Instagram.

Image: Before & After using Smart Polish Pro on this Mercedes C63S AMG

Are you ready to make the switch?

Author Bio:

Smart Polish Pro is redefining tradition by developing a range of premium formulas that require Zero H2O. Everything created can be applied directly to the surface and clever chemical engineering does all of the hard work. Their social media following has exploded and it’s through the social proof that they have a growing global customer base. Smart Polish Pro is now available locally in Australia through their online store.