Five things no used car salesman will tell you

1. Test drives are a sales tactic

You wouldn’t propose to someone after a first date, so why are so many of us happy to buy a car after the first drive? Well, there’s a reason car dealers try so hard to book you in for a test drive.

A quick spin around the block is hardly enough time to really understand what a car is like to live with every day, but it’s more than enough time to get you excited about the car so you can sign on the dotted line before that feeling wears off.

At HelloCars, instead of a test drive, we give you a 7-day money back guarantee so you can truly experience what it’s like to own your car in your own suburb, with your own family, and in your own driveway. If you’re not absolutely in love with your car, just return it for a full refund – no catch!

2. How much your trade-in is really worth

The value of your car largely depends on how much the salesman can squeeze out of the whole deal, rather than how much your car is really worth. An overly-generous trade-in valuation usually means you are getting swindled on the purchase price or finance agreement for your new car!

At HelloCars, you can get a free, no-obligation online valuation for your car in less than 60 seconds and we promise that your offer will be within that quote range or we will give you a $50 Woolworths gift card!

3. The actual condition of the car

A few bumps and scrapes are to be expected from a used car, but not many salesmen will point out every imperfection before selling you the car. Even fewer will tell you about the imperfections before you’ve even seen the car, and almost none will publish it on their website!

At HelloCars, we publish a full inspection report and condition diagram with photos for every single car we sell so you know exactly what you’re buying long before you speak to anyone from our team.

4. Weekends are for selling

Ever bought a car and been told you can’t pick it up on the weekend? That’s because in the world of car dealerships, weekends are for selling and they don’t want to waste time with someone that has already bought a car.

At HelloCars, you don’t have to pick up your car at all! Whether you’re buying or selling, our drivers come to you anywhere in Sydney 7-days a week – absolutely free!

5.The car you wanted to see might not even be in stock

If you’ve ever enquired on a car only for it to go missing when you show up to check it out, then there’s a chance you might have been tricked by one of the oldest tricks in the book. The bait-and-switch is used to get you through the door, only to be told the car has “just been sold” before trying to entice you into another model.

At HelloCars, our customers can buy our cars online and in real-time. As soon as a customer puts down a deposit, the car is automatically updated to reserved status so you know exactly what is still available.

Thinking of selling your car? Avoid dealership headaches and get an online quote from HelloCars in just 60 seconds!