The 5 Stages of Selling Your Car

The average car in Australia is around 10 years old, which means that as a country we like to hold onto our cars for longer. It also means that selling a used car is not something that many of us do all too often, so if your car selling experience looks anything like the stages below – maybe it’s time to grab a quote from HelloCars.

Stage One: Denial

The first step in selling your car is often finding out how much it’s likely to be worth – which leads to the first stage of selling your car: denial. The reality of just how much your vehicle has depreciated over the years can be a tough pill to swallow, so a common mistake is that many sellers tend to start by advertising their car above current market value.

Stage Two: Anger

Have you ever sent a few angry replies to low-ballers? Well then you’ve probably entered the second stage of selling your car: anger. Among the wave of low-ballers might be a few genuine offers, but you’re likely still in denial about just how much your car is worth, leading to only more anger and frustration, wondering why your car still hasn’t sold.

Stage Three: Bargaining

So maybe your price was too high, and maybe you’ll just shave a few hundred dollars off the price, then hopefully one of those low-ballers will offer your asking price and your car will be sold! Unfortunately this sounds a lot like the third stage of selling your car: bargaining. Once potential buyers see that you’ve dropped the price, then don’t see it as a bargain – instead it’s seen as an opportunity to lowball you even further, sensing the frustration that your car still isn’t sold.

Stage Four: Sadness

The phone calls and text messages have stopped, no one has come to inspect your car in a while and you’re regretting not taking that first decent offer. Sorry to say you’ve reached the fourth stage: sadness. Once you’ve reached this point, getting even fair market value for your car is tough as your listing has become stale and any new potential buyers will assume there’s something wrong with the car – otherwise it would have already sold, right?

Stage Five: Acceptance

The final stage of selling your car is acceptance. If you’ve reached this point it probably means all the genuine buyers have moved on and you’re just aching to sell you car for any half-decent offer that comes along – even if it’s less than something you’ve already turned down.

If any of these stages sound familiar, skip ahead of the headaches and sell your car with HelloCars. You can get an instant online valuation in less than 60 seconds, and best of all you never have to leave the house!