Free rego for NSW drivers and how to get it!

The NSW Government has been in a generous mood lately with the CTP refund scheme, and now it has announced a new plan to offer free vehicle registration to NSW motorists.

The new Toll Relief program will provide free registration to motorists who spend more than $25 a week on tolls, or more than $1,300 in a financial year.

The scheme should come as welcome news for western Sydney residents who are slugged with hefty tolls on the M4, M5 and M7 motorways when commuting to or from the CBD.

To claim your free rego, just ensure your toll tag details are up to date with the correct vehicle details and the free rego will automatically be applied the next time you go to renew your registration.

You can even claim free rego for any car on your toll account, even if you are not the registered owner.

The only catch is that vehicles registered to a business or private vehicles weighing more than 2795kg are not eligible for free rego.